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Weight and dimensions
GVW 13.8 t ( 4x4) / 15 t (6x6)
Unladen Weight 9.9 t (4x4) / 11.1 t (6x6)
Payload 3.9 t
Dimensions L =6 m x W = 2.49 m x H =2.21 m
Overall effective volume 10 m3. Higher volume on request
Crew capacity: 
Crew capacity Maximum 12 men according to configuration

Engine Intercooler diesel engine, 6 cylinders in line, 235 Kw (320 hp)
Gearbox Fully automatic, ZF 6HP500, 6 forward and 1 reverse gear
Wheels and suspensions 4 or 6 independent wheels 1400R20 + flat haulage
Braking Oleo pneumatically – two-line brakes
Steering Hydraulically-assisted power steering, two front steering axles on 6x6
Mobility : 
Maximum speed : 100 km/h
Minimum speed : 4 km/h
Range without refueling : 800 km
Gradient : 60%
Slope : 40 %
Trench : 1.10 m
Step : 0.50 m
Protection :

Ballistic protection according STANAG
Mines, IED, passive and active protection : consult us
Collective NBC : overpressure and filtering chamber
Equipments :

Air conditioning system + insulating liner
Independent heater
Mission equipment : According to customers’ requests : consult us

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