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The newest vehicle in our constantly expanding product line is our Urban Assault Vehicle the Cougar APC, which has been designed to serve as an armored response unit and safety transport for our users with a requirement to operate in tight urban streets, as well as be suited for use as a highway transport and convoy escort vehicle.

The dual-purpose nature of this vehicle makes it an excellent choice for users whose missions may change from one day to another and ensures that their mission requirements can be fulfilled without the need to change vehicle platforms.  Therefore, the Cougar APC is not only the right choice from an operational standpoint, but also a cost effective solution to changing needs in operational situations.
Unlike an armored commercial vehicle such as the Suburban, the Cougar APC is designed for and fully capable of returning fire in a combat situation, making it an excellent fighting platform.  This vehicle is built with combat procedures and military application vehicle styling in mind, and is extremely effective in protecting convoy vehicles which are transporting principles.  However, when needed strictly for patrol, or for use in tight urban areas where combat vehicles are not normally effective, the Cougar APC is designed to be as easily maneuverable as any armored conversion vehicle, and has the commercial vehicle handling and acceleration capabilities which are so lacking in a military-style convoy escort vehicle.
Armored to protect against B6 / NIJ Level III assault weapons, and designed to withstand an underbody blast from light anti-personnel mines and grenades, the Cougar APC is the ideal vehicle for any client who has a need for versatility, operational adjustment and combat readiness, all in a single, cost –effective and easy to drive platform.

Standard security features:
• Ballistic fuel tank protection
• Vehicle battery and ECM armor protection, enginebay flank armoring
• Reinforced door pillars and posts
• Stand-on running boards, fenders and full roof rails
• Mechanical high lift jack
• Stainless steel grill in tailpipes for exhaust protection
• Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle