Armored Vehicles
Transportation Trucks
Patrol Boats

NOTEC AS is a consulting agency that provide high quality products for the police, military and security sector.

We provide equipment and training, as well as follow-up on projects in high risk areas.
Previous deliveries have been to Norwegian, and allied forces, in Norway, Iraq and Afghanistan.

NOTEC AS supplies armored vehicles and vessels for military and law enforcement, ranging from up-armored vehicles to specialized trucks, MRAPs and APCs.

NOTEC AS works with several of the leading manufacturers in their fields, including Renault Trucks Defence, Dockstavarvet AB and Streit International.

With large manufacturers comes safety in the knowledge that critical spare parts are available on short notice.
An armored vehicle is useless without a new armored window or critical drivetrain components.
All our suppliers have these parts in stock, and can usually be air freighted to anywhere in the world within 24h.